SoCS July 18, 2020 – Links

Links, can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Unless you’re a hermit, living in a cave, you are linked. Linked to email, to location, to every address you’ve ever lived, link to every credit card you ever held, your bank accounts, your health information, link to your contacts–real or not, LINKS!

As you can see I do not like having my whole life linked. I have lived a while so my links are many. Every time I push a button, strike a key–even here on the blog, I am linked to some huge system. I cannot use the phone, sign a paper, or pay a bill without some autonomous “thing” somewhere recording it, putting it in some obscure file, and using it when it suits them. If you question this use of your information you are surely put on another list somewhere and labeled.

Saturday morning should be a good day, free time to enjoy your life. Not today.