Going to Hell

Donald Trump is right. He’s won. He said he was president and he could do whatever he wanted and has proven it true. He has proven he can bully, intimidate and rule, even over the country’s highest court! He can hide his taxes, snuff out any videos or phone call tapes, emails, to cover up his unlawful actions, fire and hire anyone he wants, and it has worked! He systematically told the world to go to hell and we are paying the price, because we as a country are now in hell. I can remember my mother talking about Truman and how she thought he was worthless, saying “we’re going to heck in a hand basket” – my mom never swore. Well it’s happening now.

As I read or hear the news everyday because I don’t think I should put my head in the sand, I am mystified at how this happened and how Trump managed to bring out the worst in everyone in such a short time. He rules waving a fist of righteousness so some people believe. And money? The hundreds of thousands of dollars to hold rallies, even in diseased areas that do not have funds or equipment for medical personnel? He actually makes untrue stupid statements about the virus, etc. How does this make sense to anyone, Trump supporter or not?

Put aside the hate monger speeches, the lies, the self important brags of misinformation, and just think for a minute, how the US has changed since he took office. It’s incredible, really, at least to me. I cannot imagine how he thinks he is the best president ever, and says so like a ten year old on a playground who just beat up a six year old. The coronavirus has brought out the worst in people, old ladies refusing to wear masks, guns pointed at everyone or anyone that might step in the wrong direction, even a machete armed person? Who carries a machete around while shopping?

My mom was right, only hell has probably never been this bad.


I would say rant over, but it will never be. The idea that courts in this land can be bullied by one man boggles my mind. Just delete.


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