Well that’s a dismaying turn of events. The peaceful protest has been cancelled. I can’t see how goofy Joe and I are any threat. Sure, others may have jeopardized their situation being rude, even dangerous, but all we want to do is express our rights handed down in history and hold a prayer vigil for our fallen brothers. It is everyone’s right to pray whenever and wherever they want and they don’t need to start a war doing it!

Joe and I are certainly not violent people and we are not the envy of rabble rousers, or Confederate flag wavers. We should be able to hold a prayer session with no harm to him or me. I don’t understand what is meant by people who insight violence using a defunct flag.


2 thoughts on “Cancelled

  1. What were supposed to be “peaceful protests” have turned ugly very quickly here. I am terrified trying to get to and from work on a Saturday.


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