Fandango’s Friday Flashback 6-5-20

From June 4, 2017, Sunday Photo Fiction – Simpatico

I sat on a nearby bench to the statue, waiting for an announcement that it was time to board. I enjoyed watching the people in this terminal, wondering where they were going, who they were meeting, or if they were on an adventure like mine.

It took courage to leave my family, and everything I’ve known for fifty years of my life, to embark on a new adventure. I had saved a medium sized sum from my office job, was independent in most ways, but deciding to take this trip was almost a shock, even to myself. I had always wanted to go, seen pictures, videos, but to actually buy a ticket, pack my bags and find myself sitting here with tickets to Italy? I almost pinched myself to see if it was real.

I had motivation to step out of my daily routine. I found what I hoped to be a lasting relationship online through a dating service. Having an instant rapport with this man, I decided to throw practicality aside and meet him, in Italy. It was to be a mutual get to know you trip in a beautiful, romantic country. If we were simpatico, all the better.