How did you spend today?

Memorial Day here in the US, and how did you spend it? Observe a moment of silence at 3pm EST or visit the graves of your loved ones? We used to when we lived close but today the trip is too far.

We took the flowers from our yards and bought some fake ones if it had been too long a winter. We watched the local American Legion guard flag ceremony and listened to them recite the year’s military deaths from overseas and closer. We must not forget.

4 thoughts on “How did you spend today?

  1. I am very uncomfortable, on such days (we have ANZAC day here) being, as I am, a pacifist. My own father was a highly decorated war veteran … though he only started marching in parades towards the end of his life. He had very fond memories of his war experiences, but few of those had much to do with liberty and freedom and all those other undefinable notions. It was an adventure. He was 18 and flying in command of 4 engined bombers. He didn’t hate the people he was bombing. He had never met them. They didn’t hate him either.
    My discomfort stems from the fact that I do not wish to show disrespect. I do not wish to ignore acts of incredible personal sacrifice and bravery. But I believe that those honourable, brave soldiers (my father included) have been victims of propaganda. This applies to both sides in any war … the ‘enemy’ are no less honourable and brave.
    So I object to Anzac Day and to any other national day of the kind … I view these days as justifying war – ‘we had no choice’ ‘we must fight evil’ … it’s rubbish, in my view – dangerous rubbish that is broadcast by both sides.

    So … sorry. I really hope that you had a lovely day, anyway.

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    1. When I was young my father rarely spoke of the war and I assumed it was due to all the pain and suffering and losing friends and so on. But eventually I said, “you know Dad, you never speak of your war experience, I assume it brings back dreadful memories.”
      To which he replied, “Really? Don’t I? It’s nothing like that at all. I had a great time!” He told me lots of stories after that and some of them didn’t sound so great to me …


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