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I tried to reblog this post from Cyranny with no results, either from email or the reader.😳🙄. Here is a copy and paste version:

Dear Lovelies…

Like me, you have probably noticed the following, when you engaged into publishing a new post, recently:




I shuddered at the thought of having to use the new WordPress ”block” editor. I have flirted with it, out of curiosity, and I find it unnecessarily complicated. I know I would get used to it, but I consider that I shouldn’t have to. What will come next, imposed themes, because WordPress says so? (Exagerating here, I know… But still…)

I am especially shocked that I have to change my blogging ways, since I pay for my blogs. Not that I think that people who blog on free sites should be at WP’s mercy, but I am the customer here… Right?

It is pretty obvious to me that many of you share my angst when thinking about June 1st.I’m reading more and more posts of people mentionning that they don’t want to switch to the block editor.

Some of you think that even after being forced to go to ”block”, we’ll have the choice to switch back. I so hope you’re right. But a little voice in the back of my head is telling me that once we’re all on the new boat, WP will try to keep it that way.

So why not just speak up?

You might remember the Tygpress incident we went through in August of last year… Many of us thought that our voice could never be strong enough to shut a website stealing all of our posts down. Still, we did it… Together.

Together is a strong thing.

I don’t mean to plot a coup d’état against WordPress… I love WordPress, and I am sure the block editor was meant as a cool change. But if we don’t want that change, why not say so?

Believe me, if you like the new way, I’m glad for you… But if you don’t, speak up, say so in the comments below, and share this with your readers. If we stand together, we might get a guarantee that there will be a choice for all of us bloggers.

 I love the pic of the seal she included! I have enough trouble with WP as it is and I’m sure you will agree as you read my posts, sometimes presented the way I want, others haphazard. Im an old dog and I can learn new tricks but this is one I would not like to try.

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  1. I’m not a fan as I have shared on my blog about it. I have also just aired another post to rant about it even further.
    It’s a big no from me and classic editor is what I will use when this is forced on me.

    They ever get rid down the line and I am gone.

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