Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction – Call the Police

At a stop light a car tried to sideswipe me and pull in front of me. He came out of a side street on my left, but there was no room. When the light changed he pulled in front of me, came to a complete stop, and got out of his car, came to my window. The person behind me backed up quickly and I did too, went around his car and through the light. He got back to his vehicle and followed me. I knew I couldn’t go home and pulled into a busy McDonalds, called the police.

7 thoughts on “Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction – Call the Police

  1. That’s a terrifying experience, and yet, I’m impressed with how the car behind you backed up, allowing you to get out of there. The further danger is not having a resolution to the matter.

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    1. I probably would have either bashed his car to leave or someone else’s! He was big and scary, messy long hair and beard, wearing overalls. Yikes


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