MLMM Saturday Mix

Joe pryed open the gate to secretly meet Mike and Jack. It was the annual initiation for the new members of “Mischief Men”, a club started by Joe’s late father, a source of pride for thek men in the family. Crossing the line into Farmer Jones’ field was a dangerous task, for he was known to mete out harsh rewards for trespassing.

The initiation involved stealing a pig from Mr. Jones’ backyard without causing it to squeal in fear and alert the owner.

If this task was successfully completed without any of the initiates suffering a round of buckshot, a barbecue was held at Joe’s house where the new club members enjoyed the meat of their labor.

3 thoughts on “MLMM Saturday Mix

  1. I went to a pig roast once, having never been to one before. There was a huge bbq fired up and in a large cage by the house, there was a pig. I was like “Are they going to sacrifice it right in front of us?!!” After a bit, it turned out that the pig for the roast was already on the bbq and the pig in the cage was their pet pot-bellied pig. Weirdest party I’ve ever been to.

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