MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt 3-15-20

Traveling from Albany, New York which I flew to, to Tampa, Florida for our dad’s wedding was quite an adventure. Some of us had never been out of New England and going through the southern states like Georgia was a long road to hoe.

Although traveling in a crowded car doesn’t really boost your appetite, we decided to stop at a diner for breakfast. I was used to the southern accent but my sisters were not. The waitress yelled our orders to the back where the cook stood and we had to keep ourselves stifled as our tired giggling took over when she reported, “Aigs, ovuh wayell, and greits?” Grits also an unknown, but ordered them. Biscuits and gravy were delicious!

A lot of adventure in this trip as four (separated by distance) grown women were suddenly thrown together in close quarters for a week or so. It seemed longer. Oh the stories. . .😄

As a teenager, the town diner was my favorite place to eat Sunday dinner with my folks.