Virus Panic

It would be helpful to all involved

If actual facts of this virus evolved

We can visualize people in panic

With such varying information, people are manic

Outbreaks, school closings seem to abound

Wish we had info that’s sound.


(Panic has come to Denver where toilet paper is nowhere to be found. 😱. As for me, scarcities in the grocery but my daughter persevered, and I have my monthly larder filled.

9 thoughts on “Virus Panic

  1. There is a great panic because of the current conditions in the world. I have found comfort in this passage, Isaiah 33:24 “No resident will say: I am sick.”


  2. no one seems to have panicked here in Enid. Could be because the doctors of both hospitals made a public announcement as to what to look for and what to do. No rush to get milk or TP……..nor any other product. no one is wearing a face mask…..well except me but it is for cedar pollen not Covid19. we are being sensible though. the senior exercize class has cut into two and we now meet at one person’s home instead of the gym. Only because kids are in three daily..

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  3. One answer for the info with this pandemic. We are suffering from the fake news syndrome that our unfortunate President falsely created. Who can we trust these days seems to be t h crux of the issue.

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