Counting Blessings

Ethel, the younger of two widowed sisters who have been roommates since their husbands’ demise twenty years ago, and having had enough loneliness in their lives already as wives, ordered her elder not to panic. They had been watching the television and saw the view of old people lined up in drug stores to buy masks for a new virus.

Martha complained that their surroundings were dusty and needed an old fashioned spring cleaning so as not to be susceptible to any germs that might facilitate the dreaded disease. Ethel decided to start by lifting the furniture and ripping up the ancient carpet, revealing a smooth wooden floor underneath. She then handed Martha a bucket of soap, water and bleach, and the two ladies took to scrubbing.

Suddenly aware of how rejuvenating this new activity made her feel, Martha started to sing an old hymn from childhood while she worked, “Count Your Blessings”.


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