Warning You . . .

To the tune of “Rawhide”, we’ll, sort of. . .🙄🤪😱😬


Chicken, chicken, chicken….

Oh Thai!


Went to lunch this morning

There should have been a warning

Going to Panera, again…

I don’t really eat much

Hardly ever eat out

But this was surprising from the bunch


I was craving pie then

Not on the menu items

But I loved the Thai chicken anyway!



Chicken chicken, chicken

Not the finger lickin’

But nicely sliced, a salad, chicken!


Chicken chicken, chicken

Now the flavor seeps in

Very spicy dressing, oh Thai

Creamy soup a side fare

All such delicious food where

We’ve been chowing down there

Oh, Thai!


My stomach’s calculating just how long I’ll be waiting

For the omeprazole to work.

It’s moving in, heading out, moving round, moving up, moving down, keeps moving, moving, moving, oh Thai!

Was it the chicken, chicken chicken….




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