FFftPP – Best Laid. . .


Joe and Jack were up to mischief again. Boys of ten and twelve never learn and this was going to be another lesson. Walking the ominous trench under the bridge, they decided to set up a trap, consisting of rope, and fish netting. The idea was to fix a looped net, and when their friends walked over it, it would snap them up.

If only they hadn’t been overheard planning this surprise, it might have been successful. Mary was passing by when she saw the two rascals acting suspiciously. She sneaked behind a tree and overheard their idea. Having been ignored by the two handsome lads, decided to get a small revenge and revealed their plans to her brother, Mike. Mike was more than happy to turn the tables on them.

Joe and Jack covered the trap with leaves and returned home. In the morning, they invited Mike and his friends to the old bridge. Luring them under, they were suddenly drawn up in the air by their own trap. Mike and Mary had changed the location the night before. After being laughed at by their peers, the boys were released and slunk home, embarrassed.



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