Noise Pollution or Comforting Sound?

What do you hear? At night when you are trying to sleep or during the day when you’re trying to read or write? I admit I love some of the familiar sounds such as the steam engine here in Cheyenne, chugging and whistling as it takes small tourist excursions. The intersection of two interstate highways is very close, less than a mile, so I hear traffic constantly. We are also a railroad hub, so regular trains heard.

I am used to it, semis, car horns, and I also have a fire station close by so the occasional siren and huge low horns as other drivers refuse to give way to emergency vehicles. A low flying helicopter just passed over, and I enjoy hearing them, and planes, since we have an Air Force base here. Many planes are tested here because of our high winds.

Last night a new sound, especially odd here in one of the driest states in the union, a fog horn. I have no idea if it was someone’s cell phone with a foghorn ring or what, but it was that distinct sound. There are no waterways near me. So, what could it be? Any ideas? It made me laugh even though I was trying to sleep.๐Ÿ˜Š

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