MLMM First Line Friday

The wind cut into his skin and grey skies pressed down on the rotting town, but at least he was home. The wind smelled strange, was too warm and the threatening clouds caused goosebumps on Riley’s arms. He saw his parent’s home, seeming to peek up out of unkempt brush. Remnants of a road crew were present, but nothing workable remained.

This was the scene after the last raid on earth’s suburbs. The cities had remained untouched by the aliens, and even the weather had returned to normal sunny days. Outside neighborhoods were the main targets. Possibly they thought the youth housed here would be more easily turned to agree with them; maybe they thought they were easier targets, no one will ever know now.

The nearly abandoned homes remain under surveillance disguised by ominous clouds. Only the very old and feeble remain, slowly starving to their lonely deaths. Middle aged and younger suddenly disappeared with the coming of the overly sweet smelling wind and heavy clouds. The cities now were dome covered, housing the elite members of society of a certain age. There was no social interaction or communication between the two factions.

Riley donned his Hazmat suit and proceeded to check for any survivors.