Fandango’s Friday Flashback

From January 10, 2017: Prompt word shine

Before I put on the first thing I thought of, a very old song, “Shine on Harvest Moon”, I should explain I am a lover of music. It probably started when listening to my dad playing songs by ear on the piano, or playing his fiddle or banjo. There wasn’t much he couldn’t play. We all watched, listened and sang along. I think all of us enjoyed this very much. Music means a lot to me and different songs create different moods. Being a hopeless romantic, I like old and new songs about love the most. Some of the lyrics or the way they are sung, with powerful voices, really “hit home” and can make me cry.  

My dad used to play at the local dance hall on some Saturday nights. My mom and I would sit and watch, sometimes dance. I can remember my mom being upset by some unpaired couples sneaking out to the parking lot where, as a child, I imagined them doing terrible things. What those were I had not a clue, but seeing my mom’s demeanor, it must have been bad! Most of the people there knew each other.

I would wear thick socks and run and leap the length of the kitchen, dining and living room floors. Seemed quite a distance at that age. A child’s imagination can take them anywhere and believe almost anything.

 I watched a lot of dance and musical movies also. Pretending to be Ginger Rogers or Cyd Charisse was a favorite pastime. And CC legs! How long were those beautiful legs? I only wished mine would get as long as hers. But no, definitely not. I have a five foot friend and our legs are the same length!
In “Girl Hunt”, Tony plays Rod Riley, a hardboiled detective. Gaby has dual roles; she’s the blonde and the brunette. The blonde is a troubled innocent (or is she?!), ethereal in a floaty periwinkle dress. The brunette, with her dark, blunt bobbed hair, is the femme fatale of the piece, slinking about with feline movements.

“She came at me in sections, more curves than a scenic railway. She was bad. She was dangerous. I wouldn’t trust her any farther than I could throw her. She was selling hard but I wasn’t buying.” 

One of my favorite parts in this video is Cyd Charisse slinking in where Fred says the above quote.


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  1. Great post!

    I did not come from a musical family. All we could play was the radio, but that brought music into our lives and we enjoyed listening, even if we couldn’t create it. I think it is a blessing to have music be a central part of a family. Sounds like you definitely had that!

    (Also, quite coincidentally, I also had a post on Friday that used the words “Friday” and “Fandango”. Small world!)

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