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I could combine this with a Monday Peeve. . .by the way, if you haven’t checked out https://lightmotifs.wordpress.com/2020/01/13/the-monday-peeve-18/, please do so. As a 73 year old woman, I can relate!



How many times do you have to unsubscribe to an email ad before they actually do it?Of course I never subscribed to them in the first place, but finding that just immediately trashing it or sending it to spam, it always reappears. So now I’m trying the unsubscribe route. Back when I was in a two income household, I actually was able to send money or order from charity sites, I understand their asking repeatedly. But for the last eight years I have not, so why do the robots keep bugging me?

It may be the new upgrades on yahoo mail, which I really do not like, but going through the process of a new service and million word, number, etc password trial is not worth it.

Have you noticed you cannot look at any site without being harassed by “subscribe” notices popping up all over the content you are trying to read? I guess this is a Monday Peeve after all.🥴


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