Fandango’s Friday Flashback

From January 3, 2017 The Secret Keeper – The Wrong Man

The Bag Lady

This is one of my favorite challenges:

Slowly opening his eyes, the lad realized it was daytime. The crack of light was not from the moon any longer but the warm sun. He needed that tiny sliver, as he huddled closer to it, trying to receive as much warmth as possible. It was a wonder he didn’t freeze to death the night before. In his small blurred vision he was able to make out some of his surroundings.

Joseph only remembered walking home with a bag full of holiday treats, hot bread, cheese, fruit and a bit of chocolate. Suddenly he was grabbed and thrown into a car, knocked unconscious and woke up blindfolded and hurting. Shoved into this new home of an old stable, he was again knocked out.

The warming sunlight was not enough to keep him from shivering. He needed a fire or heater. He pulled the…

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