Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt – Love Actually

She looked at him with a knowing smile. She purposely tripped so he would catch her. She held onto him a bit longer than necessary.

Mary was wary of him watching her, “coincidental” meetings at the coffee shop, glances across a store aisle. She wasn’t afraid, she was teasing him. Mary knew she was attractive to men and took full advantage.

She decided to ask him to join her for coffee when they both stood waiting at the coffee counter. Mary delighted in leading men on and then dropping them. She started the conversation with “I know you’ve been watching me. Let’s go to dinner tonight.”

Joe was so happy. He seemed to have an unusual attraction to Mary and could only explain it to himself thinking it might be love at first sight. He was delighted she noticed him and made the first move.

That night after dinner she called a cab to return to her apartment. She asked Joe to come. He was excited. At her home, Mary seduced Joe and then said goodbye. When Joe tried to call her, his messages were ignored. He finally saw her at the coffee shop and approached her. “What’s going on? I thought we were compatible.”

Mary gave him the proverbial cold shoulder and replied, “it was just a one night stand! What did you expect?”

“Well, love actually”. He then turned and left the shop.