FOWC: Unhinged

It happened today, a lot of short stop shopping at various stores and since my wheelchair is not working, took the scooter. This is very much a pain for anyone who drives me anywhere. I only had two places to go but accompanied my driver on some of his jaunts and sat in the car at a couple of spots when he ran in.

Culminating in WalMart for a prescription, scooter dead so used the one at WM. It was busy, and there were employees stocking things everywhere blocking of course, the items I needed. After a while I became unhinged, at least my companion probably thought so, as I’m trying to see behind the stocker who seems oblivious to shoppers around him. Then someone behind me got impatient and I let slip a very bad word, shocking my driver. I said, why don’t they realize the aisle is full and move this f—thing?The thing was a ladder shelf thing, empty, so not needed in the middle of the aisle. 🤯 I must add it was removed immediately.😳🥺😟 In my defense, I never say anything like that, in fact I usually joke around with the stockers. It was just a very bad day.

I went down to the end of the aisle, not being able to get the needed items, out of the way of the person behind me. My companion said I was in their way. Full temper steam ahead, I replied, it’s not my problem to move when I’m trying to reach something through a f—ladder! He was embarrassed, I embarrassed myself and after a heated exchange, I ended up taking a taxi home by myself.

Did I ever mention I have a temper? It rarely shows itself, but no sleep, and disappointing news this morning that we’re not having dinner together here Christmas Day was all it took.

I’ve since apologized to my driver and after a cold wait for two taxis since the first one decided I couldn’t get into his vehicle easily, left and sent another, settled down to think, I should have not let it get to me. I should be calm in those situations, and normally I am and say nothing. I’ve had a hard time the last few years with Christmas.

I’m home now, I’m still embarrassed and decided I’m not going out shopping again no matter what. No spirit here, it’s a Bah Humbug night. I looked in the mirror and saw this:

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