MLMM Tale Weaver #254

We lived in a small town in Texas- 1990? at the time with our middle son. The other two were away for college. Our tradition was to all be present to find and decorate the tree but with plane and school schedules we were finally all together on Christmas eve. Naturally it was dark, most tree vendors were shut down, stores closed.

Then we saw a big tent, lights on, outside of town; no one was there. We tried to find the vendor but he must have been gone for the night. This happened in the country, late, and we had my Hyundai hatchback vehicle, and five grown people. You get the picture–what were we thinking?

My sons picked a tree and we had no way to load it in or on the car–we did feel badly about taking a tree but didn’t want to take rope, etc. — perfectly logical, right? I digressūüėĄ.

It was decided my husband would drive and my oldest son and I would hold the tree on the side of the car with our windows rolled down and our arms holding the tree to take it home. It was a cold and slow ride home, but it worked. There was no one else on the road that night. The local constabulary must have also gone home for the night.

I must say it was one of the loveliest Christmases ever having all the kids home, a skullduggery adventure of sorts and our three cats had the best time of all the next morning, running through and diving in the wrappings.

Now a grandmother, my kids with their own adventures, I miss those fun times, the three cats and that home.

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