For me?

No one thinks of giving a gift to Santa, well except for milk and cookies, and by the way, don’t you think he would appreciate a nice hot cup of coffee? Or hot chocolate? What’s with the cold glass of milk anyway? Have you ever thought he might be cold or lactose intolerant?

Now cookies are something else, but nowadays everyone seems to have a gluten allergy, so make sure you use almond flour or cashew flour if you make him cookies. If you’re thinking of using a sugar substitute, don’t. Just leave a banana or orange instead.

Think of how he must feel, working all year making toys and gifts, and then delivering them all over the world all night long on Christmas Eve. And have you thought about the time changes around the world? I wonder how he figures that out?

And the reindeer, don’t you think they’re tired too and deserve a treat on their journey? I guess there’s a lot to think about besides milk and cookies. Maybe a nice warm set of slippers or quilted flannel shirt for Santa? I’m sure he would appreciate receiving a gift once in a while too.

Think about it next time you’re putting out that stale cookie and warm milk.

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