Decorating 101

Jesse is over

We set up the tree

Now the Christmas village

Set up next for me.

I’m having some personal problems with bending

Seems changing bags is unending

But besides the constant trips (3)

Village houses need lights to see.

Of course they’re stuck inside instead of hanging out

Trying to retrieve, replacing bulbs

Makes frustrated words come about

Don’ t worry about J, he’s used to my rants

If only I didn’t have to keep changing pants!

Well the tree looks pretty, put birds underneath

Now white something needed for village snow, hey a sheet!

We’re taking a break having pizza to eat

And a thank you will have to do for a treat.

We decided to chill for a bit

Before tackling the next chore of (crap)

Bah humbug is in the back of my mind

But with Jesse here, its spirit I find.



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