Fortune Non Gratis


I now have zero faith in this idea

Fortune telling as a career

Wanted a gift on Christmas Eve

The tented lady was out to deceive

Your love will like this, promised me

And held out a ring for me to see

The ring was odd, a large ruby stone

Thought maybe my love would like to own

A gem like this, a special dark red

It was cloudy with sparkles spread

Paid the woman with no slight

Said, I hope your prediction’s right

Wrapped the ring with special string

Hoped she thought I was her king

Right away she was enamored

Put it on and then it lost its glamour

A curse upon it did a trick

Heard a scream, watched the ring inflict

Transformation from human to witch

The fortune teller caused a glitch

My love was my beauty no more

Went back to the tent for a gory chore

Tore it down with the woman inside

Along with her tent, the teller died.

Some think my love has the teller’s form

I admit she’s far from the norm

But still my love and I’ll never leave

Beauty was all the teller reaved.