DMV Distress

Saving up for ten years, Joey had the cash to buy his dream car. He had a job, earning money for his dream, since the age of fourteen. Now was his chance to make it come true. There was only one thing left to do, get a driver’s license.

Studying the manual for days, Joey thought he was ready. He was inwardly scared, but only showed a brave face to the officials. The final step came and he seated himself in his mom’s old Chevy station wagon. He was used to driving with his dad, who had a Toyota Corolla, a smaller vehicle with a standard transmission. He had driven the station wagon a few times and it was an automatic transmission, so he figured it would be a piece of cake.

The driver’s test official slid into his side of the bench seat and told Joey to start. Nervously, Joey turned the ignition key and showed audible relief as the car started up. The vehicle was large but the test went smoothly and the only remaining part of the test was parallel parking. Joey was not used to the size of “the beast” as his mom called it, and mistakenly thought he could park with ease.

After three attempts to park, and the last getting too close to a parked vehicle, causing a scratch, Joey’s test was done. He would have to return to retake the driver portion with his dad’s car, but being shaken from the experienced fail, he would take his time to practice more.


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