Birthdays, who needs ‘em?

Mary sat in the nursing home, admiring the cake. She loved birthday cake. It was a special occasion, her hundredth one. She no longer enjoyed the celebration as in her younger days, with all the family around, singing and hugging her. Now it was almost a lament to her youth.

As she surveyed her surroundings, lonely oldsters, eyes glazed with their own memories, she decided to stir things up. She took out her hidden ciggie and lit it by the cake candles. Nurses came running but not before Mary took one long satisfying drag.


10 thoughts on “Birthdays, who needs ‘em?

  1. Very funny tale. It truly made me laugh. I could see my grandmother do this (Or something similar, as she didn’t smoke) if she’d made it to 100. Unfortunately she died 18 months ago at age 94.

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