MLMM First Line Friday – Wedding Bell Reds

Carson pulled at his neck tie as the air became heavy with organ music and she approached clouded in white. Quite unexpected for this raven beauty who was all about individualism. Carson thought about their nights of passion, the slightly occult feel of the love making itself, and the ceremony today was merely a legal necessity.

Watching her float up the aisle to the red and black adorned pulpit of sorts, he felt as though this might all be only a dream. Even the music endlessly droning on, seemed a strange choice, “Opus 186, Eternal Night”. He thought perhaps this was all a facade, an unwanted surprise she planned, or a prank by his bachelor friends.

As she grew closer, his anxiety grew and he felt a chill run up his spine when she finally stood beside him. He reached for her hand, finding it rough and bony. He turned to face her as her father lifted the veil in presentation. He was shocked, fell in a faint.

Carson woke up with a start. He looked across the bed and saw his fiancé sleeping peacefully, almost too angelic. He grabbed his clothes and never saw her again.

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