Fandango’s Friday Flashback 10-11-19

From 2017:

Daily Prompt:  Tame

All the ladies new her name

Their husbands also new her fame

The lady who’s dancing was not lame

You know it too, it was Mame.

Every bar had no complaints

But even men had cause to faint

Her reputation she would taint

Mame a lady?  She certainly ain’t.

Clothing left her as she danced

Kept every male eye entranced

As removal was advanced

Her body’s vision was enhanced.

I’m not reporting  any news

It all came off leaving her shoes

No mystery left, no hidden ruse

No agenda to confuse.

All the guys, some women too

Came to watch and see Mame do

A dance, unlike the old soft shoe

And admire every view.

Of course we all knew Mame

Famous stripper of Broadway fame

Now dancers aren’t so tame

The “dancing” just not the same.