I have to sincerely apologize to those of you who follow my scribbling here. Opening up my site this morning I saw a blatant rude icon from someone I don’t know, do not follow and was disgusted by the icon. It was on my comment icon list and I had to remove my list.

I think this was a retaliation for spamming someone. I hoped Akismet would have blocked pictures like this automatically, but no. Now I’m going to change my content allowed status. All this because someone has the audacity to put a full frontal nude picture as an icon. Really? Is that how you like to present yourself?

I am sorry if it offended you, never my intent here on my blog.



12 thoughts on “Apologies

  1. I find it’s nothing to do with anything I actually do, they’re mostly just mischievously intruding. I get annoyed with said intrusions, it’s like a home invasion, rude and in some cases an assault.

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