MLMM Tale Weaver #236

I’ve had a few back fences in my life but the one I’ll tell about today was in Colorado, around a big grassy yard where our kids and dogs played. When we first bought the home, the yard was gorgeous green soft grass, unlike the St. Augustine we had in Texas.

When we moved in, there was a flower garden and after we adopted our wolf shepard mix, the yard took a beating. When he ran across the lawn, his big paws made divots of course. The fence was chain link and even though he could have just hopped over with ease, he never did. The neighbors loved to greet and pet him and he was big enough he could lay half over but never pushed himself the whole way. He was a guard dog for us and two side neighbors.

Neighbors directly behind our fence had a dangerous boy who’s pastime was throwing knives, too close to the swing set our kids used in our yard. That’s another story. Directly outside the back kitchen door there was a circular style wooden fence that held the flower garden with a large cottonwood tree in the center. We had a cedar deck built around the tree and also a bench circling the tree to sit on.

Having only a chain link fence offers little privacy, which would have been fine except for the boy directly behind us. We lived there for eighteen years, our kids grew up there and I still miss that house and yard.

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