Word of the Day: Glimpse

In olden days, even the Tudor

Ladyships showed a bit, even more

Cleavage, an unflattering term

Thinking of cleavers makes me squirm!

There’s nothing wrong in showing off

The breast, the bust to attract a toff

Present times you might drop your jaw

Clothing, I mean showing a bra

Straps galore show a glimpse

Causing men to come to grips

With parts of their masculinity

This flirtation spans eternity

Not really judging, it’s personal choices

Dressing in public is one of your voices.


Trying to find bra to fit the words, found some extremely weird bras!🤪


8 thoughts on “Word of the Day: Glimpse

  1. This post just sent me back to one of yours from last year where you gave me a shout out and talked about panty hose–I don’t know how I missed it! The comments are closed, so let me just say here, “Thank you!!” And also, I don’t wear panty hose either, and I had given up on skirts until leggings became popular over the last couple of years. As for the bras, I agree completely. I do feel sorry for those goldfish though–the water must get pretty warm at some point!

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  2. So interesting to see those odd bras – wonder about the support factor (jk)
    And the powerful last line was my fav –
    Clothes are part of our voice – thanks for the reminder

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