MLMM Tale Weaver #229

“A perfect moon overhead my darling.” He gathered her robes about her. The night was chilled, but she barely felt the cold. All she could think was they had finally completed their journey. It had been days on the old horse, plodding along and often tripping, sending her forward unexpectedly. She was glad for each evening’s respite of the soft grass.

The couple was on their way to the castle where Marie’s father was King. Accompanied by a knight, John, Marie had no expectation her marriage plans would be denied. She fell in love with John immediately and the two were traveling to be wed at the castle.

Marie had been schooled with proper etiquette and the two of them traveling together without a chaperone might be frowned upon by her parents. They both were willing to take the chance. The morning sun would bring either happiness or tragedy. Snuggling close, they fell asleep.

Sun and morning dew surrounded them. John had readied the horses by the time Marie woke. It was only a few hours before she would see her family and no anxiety entered her mind. John was not so calm, thinking he might not be the King’s choice for his daughter. Nevertheless, the decision had been made and he was not regretting it now. The future was uncertain in all except his love for Marie.