Old Sad Dan

(Apologies to Jimmy Dean and formatting….I tried)

He rolled in the lot in a big white van
Everyone called him big sad Dan

He hated his job but it paid the bills
Working overtime causing one of his ills
He strode bent over with no smile on his face, even pelting hail didn’t quicken his pace

That’s Dan (that’s Dan)
Old sad Dan (sad Dan)
Dan had a job to do and he seemed determined
Checking out my wifi vermin
Story written, it was bad apartment wiring
That’s one of the reasons that Dan was sighing.
He was dressed casual caused no alarm
Carried a large square box under his arm
Old Dan, old sad Dan
Old Dan, old sad Dan
He stood five foot nine, weighed one fifty-five
Everyone wondered how he survived
With a scowl on his face and a long canvas coat, just in case the lot turned into a moat
Hail and rain and thunder abound but Dan just walked like he heard no sound
He sat right down with his computer
Plugged it in on the side of my router
Said they don’t make these anymore
I think that made him feel pretty sore
Old Dan, old sad Dan
My tale is familiar you can see
Sad old Dan felt sorry for me
Old century link has descended
Equipment doesn’t work, leaves me upended
He went back to his truck, grabbed a prize
A brand new router, supersized
Old Dan, old sad Dan
Before he left he apologized
Offered a few words to the wise
A new router might not do the job
Seemed sorry about the century link mob
The company tries to do stuff on the cheap
So wifi woes is not a big leap
He hopes it works but if it don’t
Left his card with a number which he wrote.
Old Dan, old sad Dan
Old Dan, old sad Dan
This tale is old but truer than true
Maybe Dan will do a repair for you
Offer a smile, maybe a drink
Seeing Dan made me think
A workin’ man always does what he can
Especially Dan, big sad Dan





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    1. Well I wasn’t thinking of you when I wrote that, but when he left he asked me my name with a handshake and left his card. He said he’s pushing sixty and is getting tired of the business. I was just feeling so bad for him, trying to make the best of a horrible weather day and he looked so sad and tired.

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