Hidden Warriors

Energia Ka Akin ITA Chinese Room Divider Panel Screen High Relief Carved Webs


Shelly stepped back to admire her new purchase, a beautiful silkscreen room divider. It was absolutely perfect for that odd corner in her bedroom. What a deal, she thought, fifty dollars and its pure silk!

Shelly had been suffering from nightmares, thinking it had something to do with the apartment she bought. Another good bargain is what her thoughts were originally, but after residing here for two months, her sleep patterns were all over the place. Getting herself up and ready for work was becoming more and more of a struggle. Horrid dreams came every night, causing her to wake up in a cold sweat. In the morning mirror her face was ashen, her eyes wide and dark.
She noticed the dark corner was oddly shaped, nothing ever fit there, so purchasing the screen would hide it. She had tried a small corner shaped table with a lamp to freshen it, but after replacing four bulbs in the lamp, she gave up. The corner remained ugly and dark. Hoping the silkscreen would hide it, add some cheeriness to the room, she placed it there and sat back on the bed admiring her purchase. It didn’t occur to Shelly how odd it was that the corner table and lamp had worked in every other part of the room, just not this corner. She had a slight inkling the corner was unusual, but put it out of her mind.
This night Shelly lay her head on the pillow, hoping to get a good night’s rest. She hoped this every night since she moved in, but tonight felt different. Shelly dozed off gazing at the screen and the beautiful calming scenery it displayed. After a few hours she had another nightmare. She sat bolt upright seeing the figures in the silkscreen move and come to life. The scene turned from serene to violent as the human figures seemed to be beating off odd creatures, just like the ones she had seen in her dreams. Shelly thought this was the worst nightmare of all and pulled her covers over her head.
Surprisingly, Shelly woke up to see the face reflected in the bathroom mirror looking happy and her eyes bright. She thought of last night’s nightmare and realized she actually had fallen right back to sleep. Curiously she walked back and peered closely at the silkscreen divider. How strange she thought seeing those bucolic scenes come to life. Wow, what a dream!
Shelly spent the rest of her days in her new abode with no recurrence of nightmares, and lived happily ever after.



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