I suppose it’s my fault. . .

Because I still have this on my homescreen:

This post disappeared when I tried to edit, lost it completely then it showed up in my email with other people’s posts. . .I give up!

Trees not budding, spring flowers not seen here, and on the way to Ft. Collins, CO the plowed fields showed no green sprouts. The Rockies range is still snow covered and here we have this:

So as usual, it’s me. By the way, again I have to sign in on your sites to leave a comment when I receive your posts in email, so it takes time. The Reader seems more cooperative right now, but doesn’t always show the sites I follow. I see from my android phone too many ads are showing up on my posts. I can’t seem to change that. I apologize. Things are changing here as I try to edit, I have no idea how to make it better. I’ve just spent a few days with a horrid virus, so I’m not in the mood to investigate the problem yet. As far as the weather is concerned, I offer this:



15 thoughts on “I suppose it’s my fault. . .

  1. Whenever I find myself backed into a corner, and this can happen several times a week so I am familiar with the way you are feeling right now, I step back.
    Then I pick one problem and google for help. I have discovered that sometimes, when the wind is blowing in the right direction, Google can come up with solutions.
    The most important thing, I find, is to learn to laugh at misfortune, in whatever guise it presents itself…

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