Word of the Day: Keeper


I was given a ride to the grocery by my grandson, aka my keeper, so my first priority was to exchange the vacuum that had the missing part–no replacement, in other words, the store/manufacturer held a cheap quick sale to get rid of useless product. This results in shopping (arrrgh) again for a new vacuum and it’s been about six weeks without one. No, I’m not putting on a photo of my carpet. I detest shopping for items like this.

Back to yesterday’s venture. Just getting his car out of the shop, it stopped dead in my parking lot, needed fuses, causing him to walk a half mile to Safeway and back after a long day of work. 😏 I digress, but it just added to the pain of the day…I wish Murphy would quit lurking around here.

Since said grandson is of course young and strong, his choice of product differs from mine, such as this 100 pound–jk, container of detergent pods:

Naturally I needed the blue tag to tell me to remove the sticker in order to open it. I AM old, but not decrepit yet…but the huge container should last a year or so! 😳It was stocking time since we were late to shop with the car business, so some items were crowding the aisles and some items missing altogether. However, all’s well that ends well–it was delightful to be able to spend time with my grandson again. He is a treasure and certainly a keeper!


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