Sunday Photo Fiction – Wonky GoT Spoiler Alert

A sad day for Tyrion. Watching from his chair, looking up to see the only remainder of the last episode of “Game of Thrones”. So sad in fact that he thought about destroying the mobile, but did not. His child lay in a crib next to him, unexpected from a brief union hiding in the dark safety of a crypt while real dragons flew above the castle walls.

Yes, the fear of death caused his inner demons to rise up and unfortunately he acted on those basal desires. There is good news, however. The dalliance into his former pastime resulted in a charming newborn, now sleeping peacefully while the kingdom, no longer under threat of destruction from the great white hoard, rebuilds.

One can only imagine the storyline now, as Cersei and her monstrous protector remain unscathed in warmer climes. Will her “loving” brother return to her side or will she marry Euron Greyjoy? Will Tormund finally have an affair with Brienne while licking their wounds? Will Jorah suddenly rise from the dead and marry the now defunct Daenerys? Could Tyrion’s child end up on the Iron Throne?

Oh my, the possibilities are endless!

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