Rory’s Questionnaire and Answers

Thank you, Rory! I feel most of my readers know me pretty well, but here goes:

  1. My blog name is: The Bag Lady
  2. I have no specific genre unless there is one titled: scribbling.
  3. I started the blog in 2015 but it didn’t take off till the next year.
  4. I was encouraged by a great guy I met online as I was fooling around on my iPad trying to distract myself recuperating in the hospital.
  5. Don’t you know you are never supposed to ask a woman’s age?๐Ÿ˜„ I attempted poetry around the age of 50 I think, many moons ago.
  6. I have three older creative sisters but at the later age of fifty I found time to explore it.
  7. Both, actually. I write about my experiences, family and if a Prompt strikes a thought, I try it too.
  8. I probably write too much. Mostly, I try combining prompts to not flood the Reader.
  9. Just WP. I like the community.
  10. Never
  11. Obviously I haven’t hit a block yet…sorry about that๐Ÿ™„
  12. Scribbling
  13. I’ve met so many interesting people since I started, it’s amazing and wonderful. I have lots of time on my hands since my legs stopped working, so I’m an armchair explorer so to speak.
  14. It could be anything, a word a picture, an event just occurred, or a family happening, such as today’s post about my granddaughter’s play we saw last night.
  15. I have no advice, I’m technically vapid, but be yourself, do your own thing.
  16. No strategy, I just love it. I tried strategy, bringing awareness to bladder and uterine cancer, cancer in general. . .turns out no one wants to read it. However, I have a four year checkup next month and I will write about it.
  17. Not really, of course I try to engage readers as we all do, but basically I write to get my feelings and frustrations out. I do engage with others, and that is a reward for me.
  18. Yes it would. I love comments, don’t always get them, but if someone takes the time to comment, you know they’ve read it.
  19. Depends. I like to keep it short and (mostly) sweet. I have had times when I get carried away and find a 300 word limit turned into a 800+ word story but not often.
  20. Any of my posts I like aren’t usually the most read or favored. I couldn’t say.
  1. My advice? Just write. Write about anything and everything, be yourself, be honest.


Well Rory, I hope these answers are okay. I admire your tenacity in the blog. You have great ideas and promoting others is a reward for everyone.


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