Word of the Day : Delight

Many thoughts come to mind with the word delight. Just this week I made a comfort food lunch, Gypsy Delight, which is an egg on bread with a hole in the middle so the egg flares out on both sides, fried with butter. I’ve heard it called different things, but my mom used GD.

Then there’s the afternoon delight. . .those were the good old days : )

A look on a child’s face, seeing anything. . .when do we lose that feeling of delight?

A father’s expression seeing his new born child.

Expression on a person’s face seeing their 80th birthday cake.

A delight for me was seeing this pic taken by my granddaughter while shopping. It’s finding beauty in the mundane, which I believe is an essential element of happiness.

There are lots of delights in the world, pbysical, spiritual, natural, visual and audible. Enjoy!


Delight – Word of the Day Challenge


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