MLMM First Line Friday

The pen wasn’t worth anything, but Maddie pocketed it anyway. He should have given it to her, but didn’t, so she stole it. Can you really call it stealing when there is a cup of them sitting on the lawyer’s desk? She decided no, it was not.

Maddie was the “other woman”–such a trite phrase she thought. There isn’t a couple alive who stay monogamous, she was sure of it. Today was just a simple formality, signing away any claim she might have to the recently deceased’s property.

Why would she want anything? It wasn’t him, all that overblown crap his wife displayed. Maddie wondered if she ever thought about what Joe really wanted.

Walking into the elevator she took the pen out and stared at it. “Well, Joe, I’m going to keep this to remind me of the day when your shrew of a wife publicly declared I met nothing to you. I didn’t mind signing the papers, because we know the truth.”



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