MLMM Photo Challenge – Dogs Portrait

Harry, would you please try to smile a little? You look pretty intimidating standing up there. I know Danes are friendly but the public doesn’t. Henry, you in the back, that’s a smile I love, you Labs all have it! Jerry, could you put those ears down a bit? You’re hiding the guys behind you. Frenchie, I see you peeking around Olaf, but if you sit up straight I could see you better.

Olivia, your white coat is beautiful today, but you look sad, anything wrong? Blighty, you’re so little and black you’re hard to see there, why not move closer to Olivia? Bucky and Joey, you’re looking angry about something, what’s up? Sammy, your yellow tag is reflecting the sun, could you lower your chin to cover it some? Richard, if you don’t want to be in the photo, quit sneaking in to the side with that menacing expression!

Matilda? That flowered scarf is distracting, could you lower your head a bit? You guys in the back sit up straight or we can’t see you! Everyone else, perfect. Bark “cheese”!

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