A to Z – T plus – Just a Cup of Tea

It was such a hot afternoon, they decided to stop by for some iced tea. Both ladies had seen the intriguing storefront but never been inside. Once they stepped in the overwhelming scent of massage oil filled their senses. Iced tea cravings soon left their minds and suddenly filled with other things.

Curiously stepping further in to the establishment, a young scantily clothed gentleman brushed aside a beaded curtain and entered the foyer. “Ladies, welcome! May I assist you?”

Julie blurted out, “why is that woman naked?” as the beads took their time settling in to cover the scene inside the back room.

Sandy mumbled something about leaving and pulled on Julie’s arm. “Let’s go.”

Julie took a closer look at the young man and asked, “do you serve iced tea here?”

The young man smiled, “we serve anything you wish, miss.”

The ladies lingered to hear the menu.


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