A to Z Challenge – R

Robert had the rare chance to quiet all the hoopla over his sister’s “affair” with the minister, but did he take it? No! Robert held a long rivalry with his sister Roweena and this was retribution in his eyes for her longing for such a saintly religious man.

Of course Roger the Vicar, knew Roweena had an attraction for him. How could he miss it, with her always sitting in the very first pew and fluttering those big brown lashes slowly as she gazed at him. He doubted she heard a word of his sermon.

It was on a Sunday afternoon it happened. Roweena had persuaded the Vicar to join her in a rowboat ride on the Rippling River. It had rained in the morning and there was a beautiful rainbow overhead. A romantic setting, Roweena thought. Possibly the Vicar would notice her then. Robert was going to join them but Roweena hurriedly scooted into the boat and left him onshore.

After they turned the corner, out of sight, Roweena decided to make it known how much she loved Roger the Vicar. She shot up and surprised him, planted a sloppy kiss on his lips. Roger was taken aback and since both hands were working the oars, she caught him off balance and he fell back. Roweena however, was not so lucky. She fell headfirst into the river and bonked her head on the rocks below. Unfortunately her injury was fatal and the Vicar spent his remaining days regretting ever getting into the rowboat.

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  1. Moral of the story:

    Row, row, Roweena in a boat,
    Gently crossed the vicar,
    Verily, warily, scarily, narrowly,
    Close, but no cigar!


    Great story! Enjoyed it bunches! Can’t wait for more!

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