The Haunted Wordsmith Genre Challenge

Mike polished the red corvette, smiling constantly. This would please Jen, no more long bus commutes, he was so excited! Since her birthdate was February fourteenth, fell on Valentine’s Day and this was their fourteenth year together, everything seemed to fit. There was a bit of trickery involved as he finalized his plans for her birthday surprise.

Step two was visiting the florist and filling the corvette’s tiny rear seat with flowers of all colors. A huge bow, also crafted by the florist, topped the rear and he stood back, admiring his efforts. Mike could not stop smiling, he was so proud of his accomplishment. He carefully drove to their home and hid his creation in the garage.

Jen had worked at the hospital all day, took the bus home as was her usual routine. Upon entering their home she noticed a trail of flower petals strewn across the floor, leading to the kitchen/garage door. Mike was just sitting at the kitchen table as he did every night waiting for her to come home from work. She asked what was going on and he motioned towards the door. She opened it and Mike hit the auto door opener and the light shown on her gift.

Jen was not a romantic like her husband. She knew it was her birthday of course with all the hearts decorating the hospital, but arriving home she was tired and grumpy. She saw the car, and all she could think was about how much it had cost, how could they afford it and it was unnecessary. She turned and looked to see Mike’s face beaming with pride and love. “I tried to give you the moon, but got this instead!”

Jen turned back, looked at the car, the flowers, the bow and realized how much love he had put into her surprise. She put aside her worried expression and said, “let’s try it out!”


FOWC with Fandango — Trickery