A to Z – P for Peas

Fresh green peas that is, preferably picked from the garden. Sitting on the porch with a pail of peas to shuck, resembled berry picking. Half went into the bowl and half into my mouth.

When I lived in Texas if you said peas it was always black eyed peas they thought I meant. The green ones were called English peas. In New England if there were black eyed peas we called them beans.

A favorite dish I haven’t had since I left NE, is creamed new potatoes, little ones, also straight out of the ground and fresh peas. If you’re lucky enough to grow these two delights, you might try this dish. Creamy white sauce consisting of butter, milk or cream, salt and pepper, flour, all mixed to a desired thickness, poured over and mixed in to fresh peas and new boiled potatoes.