MLMM Photo Challenge #259

The scene was exactly as expected. She looked down to see the look of wonder on her son’s face. He too was realizing a dream come true. His mother hoped this would be the answer, a reason to go on. She had written her uncle who lived by himself here and asked if they could visit.

It was a few months earlier that Marion and her son, Tom had lost the love of their lives, husband and father, Jack. A freak accident at his work and a sudden death to deal with. Being so young, thinking their lives were starting so well–their marriage, a son, a good paying job, everything falling into place. The factory was not a dangerous place to work these days with every machine automatic, but safety was often a second thought because machines are not supposed to make mistakes.

The news was almost overwhelming for Marion and her son, who was still young enough not to realize he would never see his father again. As the weeks wore on Tom became more despondent. Marion thought this trip to her uncle would be respite for them both. Her idea came as she was looking at an old photo album and showed Tom the picture of her uncle’s home.

Tom picked a few flowers and then ran down the hill. Marion saw her uncle come out to greet them. She finally felt some relief when she saw him, knowing she had made the right decision.

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