Haunted Wordsmith Genre Challenge 4-16-19

“It’s prime numbers you need for the right sequence. Relinquish the device. It’s highly illogical this panel leads anywhere!”

Mike reluctantly handed over the device. The old pointy eared man was probably right. Everything Mike did had gotten them into this mess; maybe the old guy could get them out.

Computers make excellent and efficient servants, but I have no wish to serve under them.” Mike had to admit the old guy had a point, especially now, but the numbered panel seemed to be their only means of escape.

“We never should have taken your ferry from Neptune. I told you guys it was too dangerous! That 3D metal printer you used, a huge waste of time. A day on the Hollideck, c’mon, it’ll be fun! Sure. . .now look where we are, stuck in Saturn’s rings!” Joe was always the “I told you so type of guy.” For a young man with three degrees in computer science, he disliked the old man’s ways just like the rest of them.

“It was your outlandish suggestions that got us into this, Mike, now what’s going to get us out?” Joe was watching the door behind them, his weapon ready. A terrible pounding began at the door. It seemed to start caving in on their side. “Hurry up old man, we’re about to be toast!”

At this time a tentacle like arm slid under the door, grabbing Joe’s leg. It slipped under and then once on Joe’s side, it ballooned and yanked his body against the door. Another tentacle came through and even as Joe shot it several times the laser didn’t seem to harm it. The old scientist furiously pushed numbers on the small device and the dark blue panel started to open. Mike screamed as the second tentacle started squeezing his leg. The old man grabbed Mike and pulled him through the wall panel, while Joe was shooting, and trying to push back against the door so more tentacles wouldn’t come through.

The blue opening started to close just as Joe freed himself. Mike pulled his friend through the panel just in time. Inside the safety of the blue paneled door, the three scientists realized they were not at all safe. Above and all around were ancient signs depicting tentacled creatures. It was then they noticed human skeletons at their sides, with still intact devices similar to the one they were using. No matter of scientific knowledge or technical devices could save them now.



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