Story Starter Challenge 10

Last time this happenedI had just moved in to my new apartment. The other vacuum I had bit the dust in Colorado. Yes, I meant that. So now after ordering belts for the five year old one and finding it still didn’t work, I bought this yesterday.

I know what you’re thinking, why not invest in an expensive “good” vacuum? Simple – $$$$. This was 25 dollars so I have low expectations but thought I’d try it anyway. I don’t need a huge power vac because I don’t have pets, rarely have company to track anything in from outside and I’m not that messy. The wheels on my chair do track, so I need a simple device.

My dream (that indicates how low scale my desires are) would be the new cordless Dyson that professes to do well while being lightweight. I have a handheld one that is great for a small spill, getting into corners and under lipped edges of appliances.

Still with me? Exciting, isn’t it? I thought I’d add a few pics I took yesterday while waiting for a ride to the grocery:

Not exactly a story, but the views are outstanding!🙄😳😂 and my attitude for the day…25 degrees and snowing while yesterday was 80F.


5 thoughts on “Story Starter Challenge 10

  1. The handle, called and they said just take it back. I suppose I’ll have to have the store people open every box till they find one that isn’t missing the screw. Murphy strikes again.


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