The Haunted Wordsmith – Page 228 Line 19

“Life After Death” by Damien Echol

“dering and tampering with confiscated” fingerprint fakes from the safe knobs. Harry had seen this technique used before, cellophane over their own prints to blame another. He thought Joe was innocent, but this was pretty substantial proof that Joe was being framed. Harry kept this to himself temporarily or he would be under suspicion himself. Not every detective had access to the evidence room and he needed more time to find the real culprit.

It was only later that morning Harry caught Jack in the washroom, furiously scrubbing something from his hands. It turned out the glue from the fake fingerprint cellophane had an ingredient Jack was allergic to. Harry took Jack and the evidence to the Chief and Jack admitted his plot.

Another case closed by Detective Harry Hochet, brother to the famous Ric Hochet.

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