April Fool

I’ve been called a fool

A dolt, a comic

Most of my words

Might even cause vomit

But here I stand

In perfect view

Entertaining you.

My words are harsh

I’ll call anyone down

Ridicule and embarrass

They’ll agree and never frown

It’s my constant following

My gang of ne’er-do-wells

Numbers keep increasing

Blind acceptance swells

I feel like I am teflon

No matter what I do

But I am not surprised

About what I can say and do.

Down – Word of the Day Challenge



3 thoughts on “April Fool

  1. Of all the days of the year, that may be regarded as special? This one is the worse. The japes that have been perpetrated in its name? I kind of get, the medieval connections, etc. Yet we are supposed to be … more educated now? Cheers Jamie


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